Terms and Conditions of Use 

By placing an order through this website, the user accepts these conditions and that both parties have the legal capacity to be bound by them.


These prices and conditions may be modified by us at any time, and we cannot be held responsible for this circumstance, nor for the erroneous interpretation of the information we provide about the products offered; and all this despite our best will to offer the same in the most truthful and clear way possible.

We also warn that the images and colors that appear in them are indicative and may change according to the needs of the manufacturer, without being binding.

We can only accept the color if it is indicated in the description of the article.

Sometimes, the image may be set for better understanding, without the annexes or elements of the environment are included.

The prices and conditions established in this catalog are for the sale by Internet from this WEB page and the same ones cannot be transferred to the establishments of presential sale that the same company can have opened.

Also any buyer-seller relationship must be made by this means without being acceptable, except with our authorization, the presence in these centers for any matter related to these sales.

The price of each of the sections of a product and of the whole of an order are part of a whole according to our pricing policy and cannot be broken down, separated or taken individually.


Orders will be placed by adding the items you are interested in to your shopping cart.

The same will be made at the price that appears on the WEB at the time of ordering and will be billed at those prices at the time of shipment.

In some cases and in the absence of stock of any product requested, we may replace it with another of the same characteristics but with different reference without this meaning modification of the order.

We reserve the acceptance of any order; the same will only be valid when they receive a reply from us putting it in "Process".

Liability and warranties

All our products have the manufacturer's warranty and in its absence our legal warranty.

We supply products purchased from a third party and in the event that the liability is for our intervention or manipulation, it may not exceed the value of the product.

The images that appear next to the articles are orientative and give an idea of the article, but in no case they mean that the whole drawing is part of the same one and therefore they cannot be considered contractual. In order to know the totality of the product you must stick to what is indicated in the description of the product.


For any dispute arising from the interpretation of these conditions or our mutual relations shall be resolved by the Courts of Almeria city.